Purchase And Sale Of A Business

Vendors and purchasers often have opposing needs in structuring a transfer of ownership of a business.  We have experience in advising on many transactions and will be your trusted advisor in structuring a deal to your advantage.

Besides the tax issues there are many legal issues that need to be considered and we can work diligently with your lawyer to make sure you are protected.

Most vendors like to sell the shares of their companies to minimize their income taxes, primarily through the use of the $750,000 small business capital gains exemption.

Most purchasers like to buy the assets of a business to maximize their future tax deductions and minimize potential corporate liabilities. Often the final deal is a compromise between the parties. We can provide you with advice to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

Transfers of a business between generations can be complex, both from an income tax viewpoint and from a familial viewpoint.

We can provide assistance in succession planning, estate planning and structuring a transfer between generations to minimize the income tax consequences.  We are also empathetic listeners and will obtain your confidence in structuring one of the most important decisions of your life.

Please contact us today to discuss your situation.