Internal Control Review

Whether you’re concerned about fraud or error or simply looking for efficiencies within your organization, SPH can help. We have a wealth of experience evaluating systems of control and providing valuable recommendations to our clients.

Owner-Managed Businesses

Several small businesses are built on trust. In most cases, there is a lack of resources available to implement fool-proof controls to prevent and detect error and fraud. SPH can work with you to employ simple controls to make certain your business operates the way it should – all without the addition of new employees or expenses.

Non-Profit Organizations

As a member of a Board of Directors, one of your primary concerns is adequate financial controls which protect the assets and limit the liabilities of your organization. SPH can evaluate your system to ensure control rests at the appropriate level of your organization to minimize the risk of fraud, error and liability.

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Steve Hogg, CA

Joel Rumney, CA