Business Plans

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, it is good practice to have a plan in place to increase your chance of success.

Common uses for a business plan include:
  • to set goals and to measure actual results against the plan;
  • a tool to help convince bankers and other creditors that your business is worth investing in;
  • to evaluate the anticipated effects of starting a new product line or business segment; and
  • to determine the break-even point to determine the sales volume your business needs to attain a profit
The professional staff at SPH can assist you with all stages of preparing your plan including:
  • the layout and contents of what should be included in a successful plan;
  • the write-up of the plan;
  • the “numbers” section of the plan including a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow analysis and break-even point; and
  • proof-reading of your existing plan to ensure that you have a professional looking document that you can be confident about going to the bank with

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