Advisory Services

Some decisions are easier to make if you first talk them over with advisors who understand you and your business.

If you are new to business, starting a proprietorship or incorporating for the first time, call us to discuss all the related issues. You’ll appreciate how our knowledge and experience can help you make better decisions about your new business start-up.

Our experience has been that most new businesses get off on the wrong foot because of failure to be properly informed about all the issues. We can save you a lot of time and trouble by pointing you in the right direction with sound and understandable advice.

Our questions keep our clients focused on the strategic business issues.

Our questions and your answers become very important. It is the ability of your advisors to ask you the right questions, listen to your answers and compare your answers to their experiences that enables them to provide the advice that you need.

SPH provides strategic business advice to small and medium sized entrepreneurs.

Our clients look to us for advice and help in a number of areas including preparation of business plans to secure financing, projections, changing the strategic direction of their company, improving their profits and improving their leadership and management.

Contact a professional today to discuss your unique concerns.