Salary versus Dividends

Are you unsure what the differences between salaries and dividends are? In this article we discuss some of the differences between these compensation strategies and how they can affect your decision as a business owner to take a salary, dividend, or combination of the two. Remember to speak with a Chartered Professional Accountant to determine what is best for you.

Salary versus Dividends Article

RRSP Contributions

Are you unsure of how much to contribute to your RRSP this year or just need a refresher on why you are contributing to one? This article identifies how contributing to an RRSP can benefit you, discusses some of the considerations when deciding how much to contribute, and suggests some alternatives that may benefit certain individuals. Remember to speak with a Chartered Professional Accountant to determine what is best for you.

RRSP Contributions Article 

Retirement Considerations

Have you or someone you know recently turned 60? If so, there are several opportunities to move forward or defer government pension payments, as well as take advantage of tax savings opportunities. This article takes a look at CPP, OAS and RRSPs and the opportunities that arise as you reach closer to retirement.

Retirement Considerations Article

Professional Corporations

Are you a regulated professional that operates a practice of your own? If so you may be able to take advantage of the benefits of incorporation, however there are some key differences between a professional and regular corporation. In this article we discuss these differences and how they will affect you when considering whether to incorporate your practice. For more information on the benefits of incorporating a business see our article “Corporation versus Proprietorship”.   

Professional Corporations Article