Non-Profit Organizations

As one of the most important sectors in Ontario, non-profit organizations assist and support many different people in various aspects of their lives. We understand the special challenges the non-profit sector is facing.

With ever-increasing reporting requirements, changes in volunteer demographics and the need to maximize value, it is very important that organizations surround themselves with professionals they can trust.

Our team members serve on community boards, give back to their community and volunteer their time.


One of the most challenging aspects of managing a charitable organization is financial stewardship. Your dollar has to stretch. One of the benefits of working with SPH is our promise of value. Regardless of the size of your organization, you have to be able to demonstrate value for every decision made.


One of the benefits of a government-funded non-profit organization is the operating funding counted on year after year. This operating funding comes with its own complications such as complying with additional reporting requirements. At SPH we have the knowledge your organization needs to ensure a smooth experience in dealing with the government while complying with reporting requirements.


The objectives of a membership based non-profit organization are often vastly different than a government funded organization. Membership based organizations face a unique struggle in attracting funds. It is therefore imperative that such organizations make cost-effective decisions to satisfy their membership.

We offer cost effective solutions to help your organization comply with their reporting requirements.

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