• Auto Dealerships

    With fluctuating interest rates and exchange rates, shifting consumer preferences and disappearing margins, it has become increasingly important to manage expenses and cash flows. Some auto dealers are taking drastic measures to stay on top. It’s important to take advantage … find out more

  • Automotive & Recreational

    We understand and have experience with the automotive industry and the recreational (big toys) industry — from new and used car sales and service to general service and repair including big toys such as boats and snow mobiles. Inventory control … find out more

  • Construction

    Both the construction and real estate industries are tied directly to the economy. When home sales decline, new housing starts in the construction industry fall. The industry is also facing a workforce problem. Ten years ago Statistics Canada stated that … find out more

  • Consumer and Retail

    As a business owner in retail or consumer services we at SPH understand that you face many challenges in today’s ever-changing market. Many business owners, like yourself, are concerned with consumer trends, pricing and ever shrinking gross margins, increasing competition, … find out more

  • Farming

    Although the idea of “farming” sounds simple enough, it is rather complicated when you look into it. There are many different types of farming such as crops, dairy, cattle and horses. Every type of farming has its own unique problems … find out more

  • Franchises

    From restaurants to lawn maintenance and snow removal, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure you maximize value while satisfying your compliance requirements. Franchise Opportunities Owning and operating a franchise can be a very rewarding experience – both … find out more

  • High Net Worth

    At SPH, we understand the unique needs of high net worth individuals. There are several tax strategies available that we can work with you to identify. Estates It could involve freezing the value of your estate to pass on the … find out more

  • Investment Holdings

    Are you self-employed and accumulating surplus assets in your company or personally? Managing wealth within a corporate environment can provide significant tax benefits and we understand these rules and how to use them to your advantage. We can help you … find out more

  • Manufacturing

    As a business owner in the manufacturing sector you face many challenges in today’s market. a fluctuating Canadian dollar; high fuel and energy prices; disappearing gross margins; a global economic slow down; increased competition; cost management; cash flow and financing … find out more

  • Marinas

    Being located on the scenic shores of Georgian Bay, SPH has had the opportunity of serving marina owners and others in the marine industry for many years. We understand the numerous issues facing the marine industry today. pricing for slips … find out more